Eater 2011

Okay, so I'm not sure how this post is going to work out.  I have over 100 pictures I took on Easter!  
Ya, crazy I know.  Remember the days when we had like 28 pictures on the roll of film, so we'd better
make that picture we're snapping count?  Yup, not so anymore.  We can have hundreds of photos of the 
same thing, just to make sure we get that "right" shot.  Crazy.  So, anyways, we had a fun Easter, as always. 
We always have a few hunts we do, so I will just go through them one at a time.  If you don't want to see a ton of pictures, close this blog down and move on :)

The small kids's group at Great Grandma Kent's house.
This hunt is the same one we have done since Kyla was small.  It 
used to be done at Aunt Melody's house, but since her kids 
have gotten older and her schedule has filled up, we have
started doing it up in Newdale instead at Grandma's house.

By this point, Cadence had somehow figured out that there
was candy in the eggs  So, she was pretty  excited and
overwhelmed about all the eggs!

Hadley and Gabe took off, of course, getting as many
as they could!

Gabe would examine the eggs from time to time.

Sometime after the small kids started, the big kids got 
the "GO"

Yay! She found one!

Mom wouldn't open it for her, so she took
all her cuteness to Grandma Kent and she 
opened it for her.

See!  I knew something yummy was in it!

So much fun!!!

That night, after the egg hunt, we went home to decorate our eggs. 

We give each child a dozen eggs. 

Apparently Gabe found something 
funner to do!  :) 
The girls are finally starting to take their time on the eggs.  Getting upset if they don't turn out just perfect.  It's fun to see the creations they try to come up with. I always enjoyed dying eggs growing up, so I'm glad they do too.

Cadence thought it was great fun!  I tried to get her up here for just the photo op., but she wasn't having that.  She screamed and stomped her feet as soon as I took her down.  She seemed to think she knew exactly what she was doing. 

Bianca helps Gabe.

But, eating them was the best part for Cadence.  Shells and all.

Gabe enjoyed making all pink eggs, and 1 blue...

Mom got a fun idea at the end and stole a few eggs.
We went outside and did some in black chalkboard paint 
and a few others silver...I wanted gold, but couldn't find the spray paint.

Gabe probably got more on him, then the eggs...then we
had to try to wash it all off before church in the morning.

Look at those beautiful eggs, girls 

Maybe if I combined all the pictures I would get one decent one? The sun was too bright, they claimed.  Mom wasn't too happy when I finally gave up and we went to church.

The Easter bunny came to our house this year, while we were at church.  See, Mom requested that because we were gone to the Great Cloth Diaper Change on Saturday Morning, which is normally when the Easter Bunny visits so we can focus on the savior on Sunday.  But, this year was just a little different.

They were already digging into the baskets by the 
time I got to the house. 

Cadence was too cute looking through hers 



 Now the race was on to find a special egg that was hidden just for each one of them!
Hadley searches high and low

Cadence shakes and shakes the eggs.  

A dollar!!

Gabe finds his in the fridge

Bianca's was in the dryer

Hadley's was in the wii stuff

Kyla is left searching....

But, finally after a hint, finds it in the clock.


 After doing our easter baskets, we headed over to Brandon's parents' house for dinner and another annual easter egg hunt there.
Cadence and Andrew got the whole front yard to themselves
and by the time the back yard was picked clean, they still had a 
few left! 

Andrew shared an egg with Cadence

They are too stinkin' cute.  He is 3 months older.

The cutest kids there.

And that is the end of a wonderful Easter day!
Don't be fooled..we know it's more than just a day for candy and giant bunny's breaking into your house and pooping out eggs...or whatever they do :)  
I am so thankful for our Savior, Jesus Christ and for his sacrafice he made for us.  For his ressurection.  For the chance I have to have my children with me forever and always.  I love the Savior, I love Heavenly Father and don't know what I would do without the gospel in my life.



jeffandbecca said...

What a fun Easter - you guys really know how to celebrate! Love the colored fingers, so cute.

Desiree said...

loved the pics!!!!!